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What’s the ideal beach body look like?

We posted this on our Facebook page.

Our Facebook followers had some more great ideas:

“My beach body would have a self-inflating nimbus that is iridescent, and chimes like harmony bella, acts like sunscreen, and helps me feel warm in the water…the lakes and ocean are cold here! Oh! And it would have a waterproof pouch for a book and sunglasses…my nimbus helps me float so I can just lounge in the water and read. Oh! And a little pouch for a cold drink…perfect beach body.”

“Flippers and a shade hood, maybe a sail.”

“Feet resistant to the searing heat of hot sand, and a rigid forehead flap to shade your eyes.”

“A boat for sailing. Or just drifting. Nobody is saying you can’t just drift.”

“The ideal beach body would fully embrace the oxford comma. I have no idea how arm flaps could act as a sand repentant anus.”

When I was younger my ideal beach body would’ve had eyes in the back of my head for watching children and at least three very long arms for pulling them out of the water.

What’s your ideal beach body?

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