Christine’s 10 km trail race (Guest post)

I recently wrote about my Sunday running group of friends and how it has been such a great all-around booster (see here). Yesterday I finished a race with the group’s cheers at the Head for the Hills Trail Race. This was a great challenge for me as I am usually weary of trails.

When I was a teen, I tore an ankle tendon and while it heeled ok, it left me with a weakness in my ankle. Any uneven surface can be tricky. Add the concern for an easy sprain to my two bad falls and knee hurts from last summer: a trail was to be feared. But what have I said about the energy of group running? It carried me through that race again!

The 10 km was two 5 km loops taking one down through a wet muddy hill to start, then through some dry stretches up an down followed by a wet uneven marsh and then, at the very end, the steepest hill with a pool of water and mud at the bottom that one could not avoid stepping in.

I had a good pace for the first loop but that last hill hit me hard and the second loop was much slower. I finished last with Kate, both giggling and so happy to finish together, reminding each other “We got this!” And one of the best part: the cheers of the group of friends who had already finished and were waiting for us at the finish line right after that very steep and incredibly muddy hill, cheering us as we were climbing that last treacherous stretch. What great fun!

This running club is taking me to new adventures and I can’t wait to see what comes next. I am happy to have conquered the fear of the trail. I am also looking forward to seeing everyone again this morning at 10 as we go for our regular Sunday Funday run. That was one thing we all checked and cleared yesterday: this Saturday outing is not replacing our regular run, is it? No it isn’t! Would not miss it!

Mud friends forever!