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Sam struggles not to run, ever!


Image description: A thin, white woman (NOT SAM!!) with blonde hair wearing platform heels and a grey suit with a pink blouse runs across the street. The image is from How to Run In High Heels.

My knee is slowly getting better. It won’t ever be healed. But it hurts less. My physiotherapist says I might never be pain free but I’m okay with that. Generally speaking, I’m getting stronger, I can do more, and it hurts less.

Did I mention that sometimes it hurts less? Sometimes, some days I even forget that it usually hurts. And on those days, I have to remind myself not to run.

Now I don’t mean fitness running. That requires shoes and a plan. It’s deliberate and intentional. That kind of running I don’t have to think about not doing.

But other kinds of running are harder.

Part of the problem is that I’ve always run as part of my day. If I was late for a meeting, I’d run. If I was cold outside, I’d run. Regularly at Western I ran in from remote parking. Walking has always felt slow and boring. And I’m speedy over short distances.

So no more running if I’m late.

No running for the person holding the door open.

No running to make the light.

A few months ago I re-injured myself because I was crossing the street and it looked like a car might hit me and I ran. The penalty was limping the rest of the weekend. Someone suggested I might have done less damage throwing myself across the hood of the oncoming car.

No more.

No more running.


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