Knee physio, everyday and all the time

I’ve written a few times about just how much time I’m spending doing knee physio exercises. It always makes me wonder how people without a history of daily exercise fit physio in. Largely for me it’s just taking the place of workouts I would be doing were my knee not injured. But if you didn’t have a habit of exercising physio rehab would be tricky, both from a habit and a time point of view.

Here’s just what I’m up to right now:

At home

Sit to stand (like a body weight squat but not to full depth). I’m using my kitchen chairs.

Sit to stand, one legged. I can do this easily on my right leg but it’s super tough on the left.


Clam shell



Monster walk

Calf raises, you know how these go

In gym

  • Bosu ball marches and squats, see here
  • Leg press, both legs and then one legged


One thought on “Knee physio, everyday and all the time

  1. I’m convinced that physiotherapists assign Clam Shells to everyone, regardless of injury! Everyone I know, including me, for all kinds of injuries (knees, hamstrings, glutes, back), is doing Clam Shells. It must be a great all around exercise.

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