Sam’s life: Icing my knee and sitting a lot and also feeling lucky

A picture of Sam’s knee on ice. The photo also includes a large flat screen television perched on top of a piano.
I’m hanging around the house again, watching American Dad with my kids, and icing my knee. I’m alternating that with packing up boxes of stuff and books as we get the house ready to sell.

I ice my knee a lot these days. It won’t make your knee better, the physiotherapist reminds me. Yeah, yeah.

But, she also says, it will make you feel better. It will reduce the pain and swelling and you can keep up with all the exercises.

I’m exercising a lot.

So many exercises: sit to stand, calf raises, clam shells, balancing on one foot, monster walks…

Three times a day. On weekdays, when I’m working, I’m only getting to it twice though.

Being injured is time consuming. I’m feeling lucky to be able to take the time to take care of myself.

When I blogged about injury and recovery my friend Dani wrote,

“I’ve stopped going to the doctors for injuries because they’ll tell me to rest, but I have 12+ horses that rely on me for daily care…so I rely on Tommy Copper clothes, Alleve and topical treatments…oh and Dr.Ho”

I replied, “This is an area of healthcare that’s not well covered by our healthcare system. If you’ve got good benefits it makes a world of difference. Physiotherapy is expensive. So too is all the extra stuff like my snazzy fitted knee specific ice packs I’ve got on in the photo above. I worry about all the people out there without good workplace benefits. And it’s time consuming. Right now I feel like I’m spending most of my day doing physio exercises or resting and icing my knee. Again, I think about those people who are paid on an hourly basis for whom resting up means missing work.

I’ve got an MRI 3 am Monday. I’m meeting with the surgeon two weeks after that. Fingers crossed.

I’m still mostly feeling lucky to have all the help and support that I’ve got.

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  1. Yes indeed- being injured takes up a lot of time & energy- we are so lucky in the West, even you Americans who have a dodgy health system… from here in Oz

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