Sam goes to the Pink Market and finds out about the change room project

Against a pink background a hand holding a mason jar with fairy lights
Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

Last weekend I was happy to attend  PINK XMAS: a PINK MARKET Queer Craft, Fashion, Art and Lit Fair at The 519, Toronto’s LGBTQ community centre.

I bought lots of gifts but I was also struck by this poster.

Ever since a gender non-conforming friend told me her story of never changing at the gym and only working out at places where she can arrive in her fitness attire, I’ve been thinking about posting about gender and inclusion in change rooms. In my friend’s case it means she doesn’t swim, despite loving swimming. (And nevermind trying to track down bathing suits for gender non-binary people.)

You can read more about the project associated with this poster:

Change Room Project promotes tolerance in the locker room

Change Room Project highlights the LGBT experience in locker rooms

There’s a brochure here.