Our Top Ten Posts in 2017 from 2017

Many of the top posts in 2017 were from years past but here are the top new posts in 2017 that were published in 2017.

blurry lights, outline of a Christmas tree
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash


No alcohol for 40 days: Facebook challenge turns into major lifestyle change (Guest post)

Undiagnosed eating disorders: another danger of our false assumptions about fit, fat, and food

Because if Christie Brinkley can pull it off, so can anyone, right?

Big Fat Myths, Or, Why So Many of Us Avoid the Gym (Guest Post)

Eyelash extensions made me feel ridiculous: more reflections on objectification and the feminine beauty ideal

How the Amazons got me to go to the gym (Guest Post)

Why I’m glad I stopped worrying about sugar and other weird food obsessions

Avert Your Eyes! (Guest Post)

Why I hate (yes, hate) going to the doctor and why I go anyway 

Things thin people might not think about, or why Sam rides her bike to the hospital