Accidental Personal Record

I didn’t want to do another half marathon but I promised. My partner signed me up for the Army Run in Ottawa. It was a marginally consensual sign up. But he was excited and I figured it would all be okay. 

The summer was busy and hot at the wrong times. I hate running in the heat. I didn’t train much. Neither did he frankly but he has that particular combination of base fitness and stubbornness that he can do just about anything he puts his mind to. So as the date approached, I knew that 21.1k was not going to happen for me. 

The event gave me the option of dropping down to the 10k and I took that instead. I thought I’d just take it easy and walk as much as I needed. It was going to be an obscenely hot day for September anyway. I had zero expectation. 

The event itself was huge. And you know what? It was super fun. It’s not just a Canadian Forces thing. It’s in support of wounded soldiers and they had a place of honour in the run. The city really owns that run. The Prime Minister ran the 5k (in 23 minutes !!! ). The Minister of Defence ran the Commander’s Challenge, the same run my partner did. It was the 5k and then the half. There were a couple of other Ministers running other distances too. There were kids and moms carrying kids and strollers and basically every combo you can imagine running 5 different events storming the streets of downtown. 

Doing politics on the run. The PM and the Minister of Defence

I just set out to do my best. Not a record, just survive really. And then, there it was, 10k in 1:13.20. A personal best by accident. 

I told my partner I’d do the half next year. It always seems so possible from this perspective. 

Who else has tripped over a personal best?

Sweaty white middle age woman in a green tank top looking pleased with herself.
Do I look smug? I was smug. And sweaty

5 thoughts on “Accidental Personal Record

  1. Congratulations! That’s fantastic. I can’t imagine running 10K on one of those hot days we’ve been having. To answer your question. I haven’t had an accidental PR but I hope to when I do the MEC 10K on October 21. I haven’t trained enough and I’m feeling kind of out of shape right now from too much travel and not enough routine. To beat my best I’ll need to come in under 1:05, which I got the year I turned 50 and was in the best shape of my life (endurance wise anyway) after two Olympic distance triathlons. Congrats again. And thanks for your post because it also reminded of attitude. Just go out and have fun, Tracy!

  2. Congrats!!
    And that photo of 2 politicians..just great and a historic keeper, given this point in North American history.

  3. What a wonderful story…Thank you for sharing. I don’t know if I’ve had an accidental PR…but I really like thinking about it anyway.

  4. Rock on! I did my best 5K time once, without trying to, in the Gorilla Fun in Austin TX, in February. Wearing a full on gorilla suit. Go figure. Thanks for sharing.

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