Sam misses her bike and needs to start riding again

This happens each year with the start of term. I get busy. I stop having long bike rides. I feel like I am ready to kill people or sob quietly in my room.

It’s September to start with, not my fave month: Struggling with September Sadness.

And there’s the hot flash thing. I’ve got to do something about it. Thankfully, Exercise during menopause could reduce hot flashes, study says

I need to start riding again. I know this.

Self, don’t do this. Ride.

5 thoughts on “Sam misses her bike and needs to start riding again

  1. I’m significantly obese and considering getting an electric bike to commute to work, starting next spring. I have to bike up a big long hill and right now totally can’t do it. Thoughts on that? Type of bike available in Canada for tall obese women?

    1. There are lots of cool, sturdy, e-assist bikes out there. Also you can have an electric assist installed on standard issue bikes. I think these are a great idea to make cycling more accessible.

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