From Flatrock to Torbay (reblogged)

Judy Pelham is a feminist philosopher at York University who joined the blog after doing the 1 day version of the Friends for Life Bike Rally. Here she blogs about her experiences hiking alone in Newfoundland. I love her photos!


I often like to hike alone. That is because, basically, I am an introvert.  I am hoping that this blog post lets me illustrate what can be so wonderful about a solo hike. I planned this hike when back in Toronto.  It came at the end of an August visit to Newfoundland with friends. I stayed on my own for three nights at an AirBnB in the small town of Flatrock. The 8 km hike to Torbay was classified as “easy” by the East Coast Trail maps and guide, but I knew from previous experience that they speak to a highly fit audience. I thought 8 km to the town where there was food, in particular a lunch place, would work.  My room was on ‘The Beamer’. This particular beamer is a one kilometer long finger shaped rock pointing NNE into the Atlantic. Its surface is slanted with a cliff…

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One thought on “From Flatrock to Torbay (reblogged)

  1. Thanks for this post, Judy! I can really feel the attraction of experiencing such astounding beauty within oneself. It makes me want to set off alone somewhere beautiful (or even nice or ordinary– who knows what one might find).


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