First Half Marathon

As I sit here to write the words, “I ran a half-marathon on Sunday”, I’m still pretty much not processing the reality of that. I feel like my life now has a stark marker of Before Half Marathon and After Half Marathon.

Those of you who haven’t done it yet or never will or never think you will know exactly what I mean when I say that it seems impossible. Running is hard an horrible and makes everything hurt. Maybe you can run 3k, maybe you can run 5, maybe you walk or hike. The one thing you know for sure is running over 21k is just not possible really. At least, it isn’t possible without breaking something or nearly dying. Am I right? Yes of course I am.

But then there is this other thing. This After Half Marathon existence that knows about Before but clearly understands that it got done. I started a race. I finished a race. It took me 2 hours 41 minutes and 4 seconds. I ran for 10 minutes and then walked for 1 minute the whole way until I was finished. I have a medal. I’m not dead.

The conditions were really ideal. The Niagara Falls Women’s Half Marathon is a very flat course and it was about 15 degrees with a light rain. There was no issue of over heating which is a huge problem I have because I don’t sweat enough. It is a lovely event that is open to everyone. Men can run but they don’t have any men’s jerseys and there is eye-liner in the swag bag (I’m wearing it right now. It has sparkles). People ran it fast (the winner came in at just over 1 hour and 30 minutes). People walked. Lots of people did a combo of both. There were two friends who were running at basically the same pace as me in 2 minute run and 1 minute walk intervals the entire way. They were hillarious but it worked for them.

My lungs were good the whole way but after 10k things started to hurt from depletion. This makes sense because of my age and my under training. But I was determined and would not give up. I sucked back Maple Syrup Shots and kept on going until the end. . .apparently. . . because there is a medal in my bedroom so I must have.

In the days after I have remained mobile and uninjured. It’s a miracle. A Half Marathon Miracle.

Will I do it again? Apparently. I am doing the social opposite (?) of the Niagara Falls Women’s Half Marathon, that being the Army Run in Ottawa in September. I’m hoping to improve my time a little and again, not die. In the After Half Marathon existence, this seems possible and I suppose expanding possibility is the only viable reason I can come up with for having done this in the first place.

White woman in a teal short sleeve shirt and a white hat with a big smile and a half-marathon medal.

17 thoughts on “First Half Marathon

  1. Yay – congrats on finishing and good luck on your next race! 🙂

    (I was also there on Sunday and felt similarly about the running conditions and the friendliness of the environment. It was a great place to do a first half marathon!)

  2. YAY! Congrats on your first half-marathon. Now let’s get back on our bikes! I miss riding with you.

  3. Congrats on a great day! It sounds like it was difficult but (obviously) not impossible. And enjoyable enough that you want to do another!

    1. “Enjoyable” hmmm, more like tolerable lol. This next one is definitely more of a “sustain family relationship have shared experience” sort of a thing. Oh ya, I’ll blog about it.

      1. I ran track in college and we frequently ran 10+ miles 3-4 times weekly. I never once referred to it as enjoyable, haha.

  4. Congrats! At the beginning of the year, I was firmly in the half marathon is impossible camp. Now, I’ve trained up to 11 miles and as soon as I can resolve this pesky ITB strain, I’ll hopefully run. Best of luck with your next half marathon!

  5. Congratulations on finishing Susan! I ran my first half marathon this February and I know the feeling! It had been on my bucket list for many years. But I’m not stopping there. My second half marathon is in August 🙂

  6. Congrats on finishing Susan! I ran my first half marathon this Feb and I know the feeling! It had been on my bucket list for many years. But I’m not stopping there. My second marathon is in August.

    1. What’s wrong with us? Lol. Good luck in August and look for my race report in September, likely about running with HARDCORE humans. It should be interesting.

  7. Congratulations Susan! Love this post, especially the mention of the “social opposite” marathon coming up… 🙂 Looking forward to hearing more. And you (and others who have done this race/event) are inspiring me to train to do it as a walker next year (my knees don’t let me run). Then we could all ride, too, as the countryside is so beautiful there!

    1. We should all ride too! but you have to stay for a week so there isn’t a ride then a run, or a run then a ride. . .because that will not work. . .noodle legs.

  8. I’m a new reader to your blog and was immediately drawn to this post. Congrats for finishing! I too wish to complete a half-mara one day, possibly next year. Good luck with your next race!

    1. I’m here to tell you it’s possible. Lots of shorter runs and some longer ones and there you go. I do recommend the run walk technique if you are in middle age or close to it. It made a huge difference in the wear and tear for whatever reason.

  9. Congratulations on your success! A half marathon is an amazing accomplishment. Keep up the hard work! And please feel free to take a look at my blog for some tips that may help you prepare for September!

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