Bull riding adventures (Guest post)

A few months ago, I was doing some work in a Casino and my co-worker Michel somehow convinced me that I should ride the mechanical bull in one of their bars. Maybe it was less convince and more dared?

To me, riding the bull was just something I should try. I didn’t have a big audience, and none of them knew me, so what did I have to lose? Being the researching type, I quickly reviewed some videos on YouTube and went in with a plan. Keep your thighs tight on the bull, move it with, lean back as far as possible to balance when the bull moves forward. Great advice, not quite enough though.

Turns out you also need to do yoga…months before! My lack of flexibility meant I couldn’t lean back enough to balance.

I managed to squeeze in 30 seconds, before tumbling head first over the front of the bull. I laughed hysterically. It was ridiculously fun, even if I couldn’t stay on. I laughed as I left the bar, but also noticed reactions of the people in bar. They all stopped to watch and gave me that impressed, thumbs up, kind of look. They were all talking about it. Weird.

When I got home, I told my husband about it and told him how I want to try again…I think I know how to stay on longer! I also told him about the reactions in the bar. Even the hostess gave me a big hug and told me how excited she was that I tried. I thought their reactions were a bit over the top!

So he explained to me that “I’m a middle aged women…riding a bull”.

Whaaaat?!?! I suppose it’s a good thing this took me by surprise, because I don’t feel like it!