Ride with the Fit is a Feminist Issue bloggers! Consider the 1 day version of the bike rally….

Earlier today I asked you to sponsor me in the bike rally. I’m halfway to my fundraising goal and reaching out to the the blog community.

But there’s another way you can help. You can also ride with me! 

I just got an email from the bike rally that said We Need 50 Riders by April 30!

It read,”Our current registration is lower than it was this time last year and 1st year ridership is down. The 20th year is going to be one of the best and we want to set the stage to sustain the Ride for next year and beyond.”

You don’t need to start out with the 6 day ride. You can start by riding for one day, on the weekend, and do the first day of the rally with us.

Here’s some reasons to ride:

  1. The bike rally is a terrific fundraiser. It’s the main fundraiser for the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation (PWA) which is the largest direct support service agency of its kind for men, transmen, women, transwomen, non-binary people, and children living with HIV/AIDS in Canada. Every year PWA provide over 30,000 unique services to more than 2,500 individuals. Visit to find out more.
  2. The 1 day ride is a great training goal. It’s 110 km Toronto to Port Hope and lots of the ride is on paths along the waterfront. There’s lunch in a park along the way and dinner and a swim in the lake when we get there. If you live in Toronto the weekly training rides and social events are great ways to get in shape, build your cycling confidence, and get in touch with the community around this cause.
  3. Also, if you list me as your referring person when you register, I get a gift certificate for dinner. We’re hoping to arrange a group night out funded by the certificates. You can meet up with a bunch of the Fit is a Feminist Issue bikers and bloggers and get to know our community too. Come ride with us!