How much motivation can you stand? Where’s your limit?

Everyone loves the motivational penguin. But generally one person’s motivational saying or short video might drive someone else up the wall. This is another area in which Tracy and I have different tastes. For example, Tracy can’t take the grind videos but I find them motivational. I am a sucker for a good motivational sports video. But even I have my limits.

Clearly this is a joke, the remix anyway, but it makes me want to run and hide under the blankets!

I looked for some background and found this, The Real Story Behind Shia LaBeouf’s Hilarious ‘Motivational’ Rant:

“There are two kinds of people in the world: those who’ve already seen the hilarious clip of actor Shia LaBeouf screaming, “Just DO IT!” furiously at the camera for two minutes, and those who will.

The first time you see it, you can’t help having some reaction. The guy is just losing it. He’s like a Nike commercial delivered by Charles Manson. He’s Tony Robbins on a bad trip.

“Just DO IT!he screams. “Don’t let your dreams be dreams. Yesterday, you said tomorrow. So just do it! … What are you waiting for?! DO IT! JUST DO IT! YES, YOU CAN! JUST DO IT! If you’re tired of starting over, STOP GIVING UP!”

Throughout this rant, he’s contorting himself. He doubles over. He plucks some invisible birdseed out of one palm. He keeps enclosing the space around his crotch. Overall, he behaves as though his distress over your inactivity is being compounded by severe intestinal distress.

But the back story is fascinating. It’s a piece of intentional performance art. You should go read it!

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3 thoughts on “How much motivation can you stand? Where’s your limit?

  1. Appreciate the jokey video.

    If it’s a new form of exercise without the instructor sounding too hard/macho, ok. Then later on, next time, it’s annoying to me. I love exercise in peace.

    Honest, I don’t even talk much when I cycle with other people nor listen to music when cycling. Just enjoying whatever sounds along the way.. The motivation when cycling, is the ever changing scenery, sounds and air movements.

  2. I tend to be self motivated and find ‘encouragement’ from others hmm …often what I hear is “you’re not doing enough” instead of love or support. Though that’s shifted a little as I’ve gotten older. Glad I found your site today.

  3. Hilarious vid. Motivation usually irritates me. It always comes off as condescending. But when someone tells me I did a nice job on something, I find that motivates me better. In fact, people telling me I “can’t” do something fires me up more. Weird, huh?

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