Feeling proud of my year in review: Top 12 of 2016

When I come to the end of the year’s fitness related activities, I’m often ending on a low note. Really I’m an outdoor fitness person (but for weights and Aikido) and the end of the fall is tough for that. There’s not much light, there isn’t any snow yet usually, and it’s too cold to ride a bike. Add to the mix all the end of term grading and it can feel like things just peter out. I start to wonder, “Did I do anything this year?” And yet I know I did. The blog is great for keeping track.

So as much to remind myself as you, here are my highlights from 2016:

1 and 2. In 2016 I enjoyed taking part in not one, but two, social media encouragement and accountability groups. I enjoyed sharing with the 20 minute daily groove group and 216 workouts in 2016 group.  That was new for me, this sort of social media checking in. I liked it! See Checking in with my Facebook fitness friends: Online communities, support, and defining what counts as exercise.

3-6. I also met my goal of getting outside more in the winter. I went fat biking, ice skating, snow shoeing, and cross country skiing. All the snowy things! See Sam does the most Canadian thing ever and Playing in the snow! Sam makes peace with winter. I’ve bought new skates and I’m keen, this winter, to give downhill skiing a go. I’ll report back!


7. And then there was the Kincardine duathlon in June.

8. And the Friends for Life Bike Rally in July. Doing the bike rally isn’t the big thing that I’m proud of this time around. It was team leading with Susan, and dragging new people along for the ride. Hi Nat! Hi Sarah! And Joh! And Cate!

9. In August it was the Three Port Tour.

10. I said I was taking a year off the Halton Gran Fondo but at last minute Sarah and I got free passes. Off we went. Whee!!!


11-12. I tried some new things–axe throwing and boxing–probably not a bad thing the year the United States elects Donald Trump to get some zombie apocalypse training under my belt.


How about you? What fun, new things did you try in 2016? What are you especially proud of?

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