If I could walk 500 miles…Sam and her FitBit

Love this cover of the Proclaimers song. Emma Golden writes, “If this cover doesn’t make you want to fall in love right this second with the person closest to your vicinity, then I fear for your overall capability to feel emotion. I heard it for the first time last night, around 1 a.m., while I was creeping on a complete stranger’s Instagram account and had a moment upon listening.”

But back to walking and counting steps. I’m late to the FitBit game, I know. I got one not for counting steps primarily. Mostly I was interested in sleep and about my resting heart rate. I am curious about steps though. I’ve worried in the past that I was like the sedentary athletes who worked hard but then lived like sloths when not training.

Turns out I needn’t have worried. Here’s my quick and easy recipe for 10,000 steps a day: Have a dog and walk the dog twice a day (hi Cheddar!), park in remote parking on campus, walk to your classes and to lunch, and then live a 3 story house and run up and down the stairs a lot. Bang you’re done!

Thanks Cheddar! Thanks Charley!

Do you count steps? What’s your quick and easy recipe for racking up the numbers?


One thought on “If I could walk 500 miles…Sam and her FitBit

  1. I don’t use a Fitbit anymore (the band came apart over the course of a year) but liked using it for much the same reasons: tracking sleep and figuring out exactly how much walking having a large dog brings to a day. Now I keep track of daily activity with the iPhone health app and a walking app. I like the waking app because it shows the route. It’s easy to tell when the dog chose the route!!! I am no fitness buff, which is not the same as saying I am a sloth, but using the Fitbit certainly highlighted how active I am in a day. Enjoy it well and I hope yours does not decide to fall apart.

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