Folding bike for fun and convenience: An addition to my dream fleet?

I might just have added another bike to my big bike wish list!  See this post on my dream fleet.

This weekend Tracy and I attended the Canadian Society for Women in Philosophy annual conference at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick. Unlike in past years there aren’t papers relevant to the blog for me to report on.

But, but, but..I did get to try my friend Alexis‘ folding bike.  When she’s not riding her bike she is theorizing about social justice at Carleton University. She is touring around on sabbatical soon and taking the bike with her. I was impressed with the bike. It was quicker than I thought it would be. The very upright ride works well with regular street clothes. I’m riding in a leather jacket, skirt, and tights in the photo above.

I don’t quite have a need for one but it did pack up so very light and tiny that I’m tempted. Definitely, the Brompton is now on my wish list for my fleet.

Thanks Alexis!

Have you ridden a folding bike before? What did you think? Like, love, or not impressed?

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11 thoughts on “Folding bike for fun and convenience: An addition to my dream fleet?

  1. I adore my Brompton. It makes a multimodal commute so much nicer, and if I ever need to change plans, it can fit in the trunk of a car. It’s also my most year-round bike, with studded tires in the winter and the ability to drop the saddle a bit in snowy weather with no tools.


  2. Jean says:

    I have a Dahon folding bike with 16″ wheels. I’ve done bike touring trips with 4 panniers in Europe, etc. I love it. I also ride around it in Vancouver. No I don’t ride it in snow…not in Calgary. But yes, in Vancouver it’s my year round bike. My seat post for the Dahon model, turns into a handy bike pump.

    I’ve had and cycled my folding bike for last 6 years.
    A cycling friend has a Bike Friday bike which she has gone on several multi-week long bike trips in U.S., Canada and Japan.

    If you want a bike strictly for speed, folding bike may not be it but it’s great for commuting and touring when you want to combine with Europe’s train system.


  3. Jean says:

    If you fold the bike, it’s easier and allowed on most major city commuter/local trains…Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver at any hr. of he day. Whereas a full bike, those same cities restrict hrs. when to bring on a full size bike.


    • Kim Solga says:

      That’s my main reason for always wanting one! Living in London, UK, I could take my road or commuter bike on the overground lines and the shallow depth lines, but the multiple deep tunnel lines (including the two on my commute to work) would only take folding bikes. And they’d take them at any hour! PERFECT for commuting in a big city.

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      • Jean says:

        And taking it onto a transit bus if the transit bus doesn’t have bike racks. In Vancouver BC you see frequent use of bus bike racks. They are installed on all BC Transit buses across British Columbia. In Europe they don’t install bus bike racks.


  4. fieldpoppy says:

    I rode a folding bike all around Beijing last winter, and had the BEST time. It made me giggle constantly.

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  5. justin says:

    A folder is a must for any fleet, you wouldn’t regret it as they are just so useful.


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