A very good 24 hours, some highlights, some challenges

I’ve been reflecting on Kim’s post which talked about the opportunities for movement that are part of our lives. I’ve also been having a very good 24 hours though it had its challenges.

So I thought I’d share my day and talk about the kinds of movement it includes.

It began with dog walking with my dog Cheddar and my mother and her new dog, Charlie, last night. When I track steps, I’m amused. It seems responsible dog owners don’t need FitBits. I get my 10,000 steps a day pretty easily in dog walks.

After the dog walking was evening grocery shopping. That’s on my side of the household responsibilities lists.
Then next up–after my mum helped me carry all the food in and put it away–there was some watching Black Mirror with my teenage son. There was also some snacking involved. He’d just finished his first shift at his new part time job.

Zzzzz. 7.5 hours sleep. I’d like more but on weekdays that doesn’t happen often.

The next morning began with more dog walking, a quick trot around the neighbourhood turned into an hour when I ran into a friend and her dog. It was a beautiful warm fall morning and we chatted about our different attitudes to Halloween. She got dressed up and decorated the house. Me, I was “meh” and I’m ready to move on. No candy at my house this year.

But after the extended dog walk I was now rushing to make it to class on time. Speedy bike ride to campus but with no time to change. I carried my bike up two flights of steps to my classroom and here’s what I was wearing to teach. It’s November. They know me by now. It’ll all be okay.

Class over, time for lunch. I wheeled my bike over to the grilled cheese sandwich  truck and ate lunch while watching the annual Pumpkin Drop. It’s thing the engineers without borders do each year to raise money for charity.

I couldn’t find a video of this year’s pumpkin drop but this is from last year.

Work, work, work all afternoon.

But then at 5:00 pm, I got to ride home in 20 degree sunshine. Whee!

Next up, Aikido. One hour of hot, sweaty hajame training. That’s where you do the same technique over and over again without a break for an extended period of time. Exhaustion is one way to get you to relax and think about form, efficiency, and blending with your partner rather than making it work with strength.
It’s been a pretty good day, all in all. Dog time, family time, and lots of movement. The challenge? Finding people to train with in a more determined kind of way. I would have rather ridden my bike than gone to Aikido given the weather. But I hate riding alone. And my usual Aikido buddies were both away too.

Lots of everyday movement in my life but I need exercise companions for the tough stuff, especially for winter training.