What sports are on your winter wish list?

I’m not really a fan of winter. I don’t like the cold. But I do like to play in the snow. It’s the day to day getting around I don’t like.

That was one of the things I loved about New Zealand winter. Skiing, yes, but snow you had to drive to. Even the weather forecasting around snow mentioned altitude. Snow to 400 metres and so on.

So each winter I promise to get outside more and spend time moving in the white, fluffy stuff.

Last winter I got out and tried fat biking. More fat biking is on my winter wish list.

But I also plan to try downhill skiing. Maybe lessons are in my future. I’m going to channel Stephanie Pearl McPhee and re-read her learning to ski post often.

Skiiing got me thinking about other sports I’d like to try. What’s on my wish list? 

I’d love to try some of the feats of strength stuff, you know like Highland Games sports like caber tossing!

If I were younger: rugby and roller derby!

And rowing, I love you. I want to get back out on the water once my life’s more settled. I’d like to do some hiking and camping. And some longer, more challenging canoe trips. Maybe more axe throwing. Definitely more boxing.

You might think I like everything. Play all the sports! Do all the things! But you’d be wrong.

A woman at the new fitness club I’m trying out invited me to join her dodge ball team. I love team sports but no, no, no. No dodge ball in my future, I’m afraid. 

How about you? What’s on your wish list? 

7 thoughts on “What sports are on your winter wish list?

  1. The thought of fun winter sports is making me feel less sad about the end of summer. I will miss summer cycling and kayaking. But hopefully there will be more xc skiing than last year (I went out 3 times, I think, which is the number of times we had enough snow to ski on). Fat biking does sound like fun. Maybe more winter hiking with or without snowshoes. I love the crisp air and often clear skies.

    Oh, one more thing: indoor sea kayak rolling classes (in a pool). That’s on my agenda.

  2. How did I miss that Wonderful skiing blog post last spring? My gramma started downhill skiing when she was 59 and is still getting out on the slopes now at 90. It Is very social activity and as adaptable for age as riding a bike, maybe even more so. Gram says the hardest part is lugging her skis the snow.

  3. winter is my season. as much as i like biking, downhill skiing is my passion. i teach women’s ski clinics. most of my clients are over 40 and are looking to improve their powder and tree skiing skills. while the goal is to improve skills, it’s a great social club and empowering to both students and teacher. at 55 i’m the oldest female instructor at the ski school!!!

      1. oh yes!!!!! and there would be lots of snowshoeing too. my second favorite winter activity.

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