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Liberation, two nipples at a time (Guest post)

When all the fashion magazines featured women with hands (their own or others’) covering their breasts, a thought flickered that hands are much more comfortable than the average bra. Hiding women’s breasts, one way or the other, is standard media fare, and of course in some places women aren’t allowed to go topless in public, a clear gender disparity.

Fashion in the last few decades has even come to erase to nipple that might protrude from a shirt — again only for women like Serena Williams, not for men like Andy Murray.

It’s become really hard to find a non-padded bra, even for sports. Yet it’s seriously unpleasant to exercise with sweaty padding. Does anyone really believe in “breathable padding”? Sorry Victoria’s Secret, but my skepticism was well placed.

However, in recent years fashion has shown glimpses of the saucy braless 70s, including the bralette and bandeaus, all pleasant options for small-breasted women. The news even declares that bralessness is in fashion.

Many of us may sneer “how nice for you!” Bralessness and even lightweight bra alternatives are not realistic choices. Many heavy breasted women are simply not comfortable and even experience back pain without support from a bra. Sizes small, medium, and large rarely do the work we need them to do either. Sports bras tend to be sized that way and create a special kind of hell. We end up pinched and unsupported on top of being sweaty.

So I suggest the new move away from bras and padded bras may be good for all women. It marks a greater diversity in the types of breast support and sports tops available for women. The less women are expected to hide our breasts the easier it will be for us to demand comfortable functional support.

3 thoughts on “Liberation, two nipples at a time (Guest post)

  1. I’ve started wearing bras less and less. Interesting to find I’m actually being fashionable, I thought I was just being lazy and not giving a fuck. Of course, I’ve also stopped giving a fuck about wearing not fully opaque tops with nothing underneath, so maybe it is less fashion and more out of fucks to give for me.

  2. In terms of sports bras, I wish people would stop calling non-actual-bra-sized garments that. They’re crop tops, not sports bras. I always by mine from proper bra shops for larger busted ladies, like Bravissimo – have worn Shock Absorber bras for years and they are great. Seeing women running in Lycra crop tops masquerading as sports bras is just painful.

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