Running and chasing away skinny dreams

It’s a funny thing.  Running is the one sport that makes me wish I were thin. I don’t feel that way about cycling even though it would me get up hills faster. I guess it helps that I’m pretty speedy on my bike. I’m a slow runner. And as a slow, larger runner, I need cheering up some times and reminding that I belong. Sometimes I even say I am “jogging,” too scared to claim “running” as a thing that I do.

Thanks Not Your Average Runner! I like your images and your messages.

I know you.

You’re not a typical runner, but you run.

You’re not a fitness model. Heck, you might even call yourself Plus-Size. Curvy. Fat. Overweight. Sturdy. Chunky. Voluptuous.

But you are also Brave. Strong. Fierce. Determined. Fabulous.

You are not an average runner.

You are exceptional in every way.

The truth is, running is a sport for everyone – not just the super-fit. You can be a runner at any size, shape or age, and I want to show you how.

One thought on “Running and chasing away skinny dreams

  1. Whenever I see stuff like this I feel like someone’s trying to hand me a participation trophy.

    I won my division in the race I ran in May. The one in June? I was third in my division. I didn’t win. I’m a lot sexier in a dress than in my running threads. My legs are strong. I’m not thin enough but I’m not too fat. I’m not too bad for a beginning runner at my advanced age. I know what I am, and telling me this stuff doesn’t make me feel better. It makes me feel sorry for the person writing it.

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