Gold’s Gym Gets It Very Very Very Wrong

No comment really since I don’t generally swear and that seems called for. I’ll let you swear on my behalf. Thanks, readers and friends.


golds gym


Here’s my fave taxonomy of body types,



But also, this,

11 thoughts on “Gold’s Gym Gets It Very Very Very Wrong

  1. That is certainly unfortunate advertising. I have an apple shape, and it has taken me a really long time to accept that it is genetics that made me this way. When at my “ideal” weight, I have very slender arms and legs but still a little bit of tummy that won’t go away. I also have somewhat broad shoulders for a woman which some would find unfeminine…oh well.
    I think most body types are a combination of your underlying bone structure plus the unique way/places your body stores fat.
    It seems like there are a lot of messages that are trying to tell you you’d have the perfect body(envisioned by someone else) if you only kept working harder.


  2. Way too much marketing tries to convince us that there is something wrong with us that only their product/service can fix. Any advertising that convinces you that you’re not okay without _____ should be rejected. In addition, Gold’s Gym speaks to “a girl” when I doubt they are targeting female children. Thanks for pointing out a disgusting, sexist ad.


  3. So incredibly stupid considering that as an educator for Personal Trainers I teach them about the health related benefits associated with gynoid obesity (being pear shaped) over android obesity (being apple shaped). I had a client define the whole “in shape; out of shape” concept perfectly. She had great body acceptance and understood what SMART goals were really about…..she said, “I have a shape….it just happens to be round.”

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  4. So did Golds gym actually have this advertised?? Were they thinking that all women would want to go there and work out?! WtF??!!!


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