Double standards and Olympic uniforms, #olympicrage

A friend, Jane, posted the following to Facebook, “So the uniforms for women’s as opposed to men’s beach volleyball… that pretty much encapsulates how we see women in sports (and in life), doesn’t it? Jeezus eff. ‪#‎olympicrage‬

I’m with Jane.

(Status quoted with permission.)

6 thoughts on “Double standards and Olympic uniforms, #olympicrage

  1. Can’t they wear what they want? As in clothes more like the men? What if they just did?

  2. Always think this when I see the volleyball kit – I’d be too worried about what was going to fall out to play properly!

  3. My husband brought that up to me last night. He was reminded of when he was single and living in the city of Chicago (I dragged him to the suburbs–lol) and when he’d ride on the Lake Michigan bike path he would see women’s beach volleyball games attended primarily by men. To him it didn’t seem much different from watching mud wrestling.

    So because of that and the tiny “uniforms” the women wear, beach volleyball weirds him out and he won’t watch it…and I wholeheartedly agree with him.

    And beach volleyball bores me to tears anyway. Give me regular “gym” volleyball (with full teams) any day!

  4. It is a strict uniform? I thought this photo of the Egypt/Germany match was fairly iconic and showed that it at least differs depending on country.

  5. I saw the women playing with long sleeved shirts on under the bikini top in a night game. Isn’t it weird that they put the bikini top over the top? Why could they not just wear the long sleeved shirt?

  6. I couldn’t agree more! All I could say during diving, swimming, beach volleyball is “who made these women wear cheeky bottoms?” They’re uncomfortable enough when you’re trying to be sexy.. I can’t imagine when you’re actually trying to compete in a sport, but of course, sex sells so let’s put all of our female athlete’s butts on display for the world. If they want to say it’s not sexist, let’s see our men in some cheeky speedos. 😉

    Thanks for sharing!

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