Flying into fall!

I’ve written before about my struggles with even the most basic of Aikido breakfalls. There are sports, and aspects of sports, that come easy to me. And then at the far opposite end are Aikido breakfalls. I struggle so much. Still, when I fall now–in real life–I fall well. I’m less scared of falling on snow and ice. And I find this demonstration breathtaking and beautiful and aspirational. Watch all the way through. They don’t all go as planned.


2 thoughts on “Flying into fall!

  1. I enjoyed this article because it’s true that our bodies can sometimes indicate the physical activities we participate in. I am a runner and a yogi. I have large but bulky quadriceps because of the time I put in to cardio at the gym. I’m also fairly lean and petite with small calves, which tells you I’m a distance runner. Thanks for writing!

  2. I totally agree – learning to fall made my life a lot easier (even outside of practice). Muscle memory is a powerful thing. Thanks for sharing!

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