Bike Rally Day 6: Photos, #F4LBR

We made it! 600+ kilometres later, Switchin’ Gears, the Friends for Life Bike Rally team headed up by Sam and Susan, are in Montreal.

It was a long, hot day. It was our day to serve breakfast which meant reporting for duty at 5:20 am. (That’s so we get to eat first before serving food.)

The other notable day six adventure is regrouping in Lachine so we can all ride in together on the Montreal city bike paths, slowly, single file. Hard work to stay together but it makes for an impressive site.

Next up, shower, dinner, and the celebration party. Woohoo! 

Team members looking tired at lunch

Sarah gets roped into another team’s pyramid

Sarah joins a pyramid! Playing while we wait at Lachine for the sweeps and the last riders to come in

All the bikes in Montreal!
Sam and Cate, dancing, happy to be off their bikes
Susan, in Montreal!
Natalie, happy to be here!
Our bags, finally out of their Rubbermaid bins