Bike Rally Day 1: Photos #F4LBR

Our start

Some of the team and friends

Sweeping the afternoon

Sarah with road safety

Your bloggers: Nat, Sam, Sarah, Susan, and Cate

Our tents

Bubble ball soccer

We all screamed for ice cream

Where our stuff stays during the day and our bikes sleep at night

DAY ONE: 108 kilometers Toronto to Port Hope

About Sam B

Philosopher, feminist, parent, and cyclist!

3 thoughts on “Bike Rally Day 1: Photos #F4LBR

  1. Jenn Seeley says:

    YOU ARE DOING SO GOOD! (had to scream it in caps, cause reasons!) So glad I could be there to see you lovelies off ❤

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  2. Bloggers in pj’s with No bras!! We are frickin’ feminist role models of a high order. 🙂

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  3. Jean says:

    Wishing you tailwinds and some heat relief!
    We went cycling on our own from Toronto to Cornwall…with our gear, camping gear. And took train back I think from Brockville. It’s been awhile…..that was almost 20 yrs. ago. It was 2.5 wks. or more.


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