Fundraising and thank yous!

Thank you! Thank you! I’ve raised the fundraising minimum for the Friends for Life Bike Rally, which is good because we leave next Sunday.

Come say goodbye to us at the Allan Gardens.

For the 18th time, PWA’s Friends For Life Bike Rally will be departing Toronto for a 6-day, 600km bike ride to Montreal. Also this year for the first time, will be the departure of the 1-Day Ride from Toronto to Port Hope.

8:00 am Group Photos
8:30 am Speeches
8:45 am Group Stretch
9:00 am Departure

Friends, family, supporters and neighbours, come cheer on our dedicated and courageous Riders and Crew as they begin their incredible journey and continue to raise funds for the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation.

That’s the good news.

The less good news is that fewer people are riding this year and so we’re all being asked to help just a little bit more.

Right now, the bike rally is looking at where we are on fundraising. Our goal is 1.2 million dollars. But we’ve just surpassed the $500 000 mark.  Looking honestly about what that means, it’s not great. The bike rally is the sustaining fundraiser for PWA. And if we don’t meet our goal, PWA isn’t sustained at its current level. That means cuts to critical programs and services that have a direct impact on people living with HIV/AIDS. It’s that simple.

So if you haven’t made a donation yet, and even if you have, pls consider giving just a little bit more. Buy me a fancy coffee in the form of a donation to the rally. Give to our team.

You could also still do the one day ride with us.

Please consider helping out anyway you can. Small donations make a difference!