30 Day Ab Challenge: I’m in, are you?

We love challenges of various sorts around here. We’ve written about burpee challenges, nature challenges, and lots of others too.

But when I shared the image below on our Facebook page, I got an immediate negative reaction. “I can’t believe you call yourself a fitness page and you’re sharing this, making fun of those of who care about our abs.” I replied calmly (I hope) that I didn’t mean to make fun of anyone. I meant to make light of challenges and make room for people to care about fitness and not care about having six pack abs. If you do care about abs, great. If that’s working well for you, super. You do you!

I think in response to my response the original comment was deleted so there’s nothing controversial there now. (Last I looked.)



On Summer’s own page she adds,

Who wants to do this one with me?!?!? I’ve been doing it for over 4 years now and it’s glorious. Seriously, imagine what is possible when you stop giving a fuck about things like abs, cellulite, rolls (excl. the bun variety), jiggly bits, the inevitable process of aging and whether or not your appearance is giving some random dude named Chad a boner. Freedom. That is what happens.

That’s my view too. If it’s bothering you, making you sad, you can try to change your mind, instead of your body. That’s especially true as we age. See Middle age bellies, body acceptance, and menopause.

Someone else commented on caring about their abs because they care about strength and back health.

And I agree that core strength matters. I spent a half hour yesterday working with a personal trainer on new ab exercises. But what I don’t care about is how my belly looks.

Why? Because if that were my measure of success, I’d have stopped ages ago. I worry that lots of people stop exercising because they aren’t getting the results they want where that’s about looks and weight loss. That’s sad and wrong. We need to shift the focus to the health benefits of exercise.

I didn’t mean to offend ab exercise devotees with the challenge post. I meant to make people smile and laugh on a hot summer day!


4 thoughts on “30 Day Ab Challenge: I’m in, are you?

  1. I love this. I care about core strength, and I have solid abs, but they are frankly Victorian in their complete obscurity behind a protective layer of fat. They are the only demure thing about me!

  2. I didn’t take offense to your original photo.
    I totally agree that exercise should be about feeling stronger, healthier. But I can see how some people who are quite dedicated to visible results, feel otherwise. That is part of their motivator.

  3. Perfect! No sugar coating the fact that we need to just move! Get off the couch!
    Any half intelligent doctor won’t give a damn about someone’s “perfect” abs if their blood pressure is sky high or they won’t give up smoking

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