Pornhub’s new exercise program, BangFit (of course)

I was amused to see that Pornhub is offering a sex based exercise program. Of course, of course the promo for it gets started with worries about adult obesity. Sigh.  (Maybe they should have read this piece first.)

AV Club describes it this way, “Essentially, this is an online game that invites players to strap smartphones to their bodies as they copulate in order to score points and burn calories. The program is being introduced with a colorful animated video that manages to evoke both the 1970s porn craze and the 1980s fitness craze. The cartoon employs an eye-assaulting color scheme not generally seen since the days of “Physical” by Olivia Newton-John. It is puzzling, however, how the cartoon characters in this little movie expect to do well at BangFit, since they seem to lack genitalia.”

Mashable says this about BangFit, “BangFit users follow along with videos as they execute positions like the “squat and thrust” and “missionary press.” Players can sync their phones to the workout in order to track their progress and measure the amount of calories burned. There’s multiple workout options available, too. Workouts can be completed with one partner, multiple or entirely solo — the preferred sex method for millions of Americans.”

But what you can’t do, and play the game, is have sex with a member of the same sex. For now, BangFit offers only opposite sex partner options.

Now, me I like to keep my exercise and sex separate. See XRated Run: One race I won’t be running. See also Sexercise? Really? That’s a thing? 

What do you think of BangFit? Motivational? Laughable? Something else entirely? Let us know what you think below…

4 thoughts on “Pornhub’s new exercise program, BangFit (of course)

  1. As a lesbian I would be much more appreciative of this new venture if it included same sex options, particularly with same sex videos being LARGELY POPULAR on pornhub?!

  2. Pretty silly video, and also seems designed for men to get more cardio than women (in their hetero-only app), which shows a real lack of creativity. I will say, though, that every time I have been in a new relationship, I’ve noticed that I dropped some weight. I think it was a combo of more sex and less focus on emotional eating. But weight goes up and down for me in concert with lots of life and relationship changes. I think the message should be: we don’t need no silly app for porn-fitspo to promote having sex (with anyone or no one). It is its own reward.

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