We’ve got lots to say about labia! (All the posts so far in one place…)

Plaster-Casting My Vulva For Art,

2 thoughts on “We’ve got lots to say about labia! (All the posts so far in one place…)

  1. Plaster casting the area for art? Ok…whatever. Give me instead, Georgia O’Keefe’s oil paintings, the New Mexican artist that painted suggestive flowers. I suggest people bike or go to the area where she lived and painted, Ghost Ranch. Outside of Santa Fe. Gorgeous area.

    Sorry, got off topic.
    I’ve been participating on an international women’s cycling Internet forum for the past decade. The topic of labia and chafing comes up occasionally. Most of these women are experienced, long time cyclists. They don’t race but quite a number of women own and ride several different bikes.

    We DO talk about getting abit used to the saddle after proper bike fit, saddle height/positioning and riding around for awhile either with or without padded shorts.

    Honest, I hope it’s the last resort for any woman cyclist. As for teenage girls, this is a matter, where a wise, older woman who is respected by a girl, could spend some careful friendly chat to inform and educate. I also believe female doctors need to be educated about this. No, I don’t think male doctor advice will help a teenage girl. Seriously, for a lot of teenage girls to be comfortable confiding, etc.?

    It’s a terrible thought that any teenage girl would even dream of surgery. What for? We aren’t having a lot of them cycling in mass critical numbers in North America and their bodies are often still maturing/evolving.


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