Happy Birthday Mallory!

Happy Birthday to my companion in active living, my wonderful daughter Mallory with whom I’ve hiked, biked, and raced in triathlons. We’ve also been skating, cross country skiing, and done an awful lot of Aikido together. Oh, and canoe holidays too. You can see all of her posts about paddling and barefoot triathlons and riding thousands of kilometers on her bike here. I looked for pictures with the two of us in them on Facebook and I was struck by how many of them were of active mother daughter adventures.

I’m loving her New Zealand adventures at a distance. She’s making me very proud. See her paragliding post here! She also did a 6 day solo hike, one of New Zealand’s great walks and I’ve been nagging her (mothers do that!) to blog about that as well.

Have a terrific time in New Zealand!mb1 mb10 mb11 mb12 mb15 mb19

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  1. Happy Birthday Mallory (belated?).. you both look gorgeous together! loved the connection between both of you. Stay like this forever. 🙂

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