Daylight savings and cyclists: Yippee, yahoo, and whee!

coffee daylight savings time: I know lots of you don’t like Daylight Savings Time.

I’ll be with you drinking lots of coffee at work tomorrow. I just got the news that my teen son is working at a March Break camp for the early shift. We need to leave the house at 7 am. Ew. And walk the dog before that. Double ew.

The bright side is lots of time for early morning writing. That’s good.

And I love Daylight Savings Time. Why? More time in the evening to ride.  I can get home from work and get on my bike and not worry about riding in the dark.

Participaction Canada gives time in the evening to play outside as a real bonus of Daylight Savings time. There are clearly gains in fitness when people have more sunlight after work to hike, bike or play sports. I’m with them.

Starting this week–thank you weather gods–I’ll be riding in the evening OUTSIDE. No more time on the trainer in the basement for me. YIPPEE! Official rides led by cycling coach start next week but I’m heading out this week with friends. Who can resist evening light and double digit temperatures?

How about you? How do you feel about Daylight Savings Time?



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