#30daysofbiking, kicking spring riding off in style

30 Days of Biking is a pledge to ride your bike every day in April, any distance, any destination, and share your adventures online. Hashtag #30daysofbiking. Make the pledge!

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I’m in. Yes, I’ve got some work travel booked in that month. But I’m sure the hotels have spin bikes. That counts.



It’s also good for your brain. See How Cycling Makes You Smarter and Happier.

Ride, work, ride, repeat. It’s a scientifically proven system that unleashes some unexpected benefits of cycling. In a recent study in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, scientists found that people scored higher on tests of memory, reasoning, and planning after 30 minutes of spinning on a stationary bike than they did before they rode. They also completed the tests faster after pedaling.

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  1. I should do this! I’ve got plenty of time before then to get my bike fixed and get any additional equipment I need.

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