Winter cross training

I’ve been thinking lots lately about outdoor bike riding. I know you’re not shocked. It’s just a month before outdoor rides appear on my training program.

I don’t exactly feel ready though. I’m not in Florida for spring break riding my bike there since my partner Jeff just had surgery and the plan had been to bike together. Instead, he’s home recovering and getting better but we’re not riding our bikes.

However, I am taking advantage of the winter weather now the snow has finally arrived. I’m cross country skiing (Monday), riding the trainer (Tuesday), and fat biking (this Saturday and again with my bike rally team at the end of the month). I might even sneak in some more ice skating.

Now there is just a little bit of winter left, I can even smile about it and enjoy the snow.

Here’s Sarah and me at Circle R Ranch.


We’re being told to expect a warm spring.

While Londoners continue to dig themselves out from the biggest blast of winter so far in 2016, there’s good news ahead.

Spring 2016 could be one of the warmest on record for Ontario, and Canada as a whole, according to AccuWeather.

London has been treated to a warmer than usual winter so far, all thanks to El Nino. The weather pattern will continue to exert its influence this spring with warmer-than-usual springtime weather.

AccuWeather says spring 2016 has the chance to rank in the top 10 warmest on record for Canada,

In the meantime, I’m enjoying the snow.

Maybe I’ll see you at the Fat Biking demo this Saturday.

Come play in the snow on bikes! It’s a lot of fun.

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