You say goodbye, and I’ll say hello

It’s January. And whether you are a fan of New year’s resolutions or not (I’m not. See New year, new goals?) it certainly feels like many of us like the idea of a clean slate. It’s the whole “new year, new me” thing. (I like Jenn’s New Year Same You better. You’re pretty great now. Really.)

What are you saying goodbye to in 2016? For me, I make my best changes when one thing replaces another so I tend to focus on additions. Whether it’s the boring (eat more vegetables, add in the protein) or the fun (wear all the party dresses, teach in fun shoes, dance!) I like to add.

But Cheryl is interested in giving up the things that get in the way of her happiness. For 2016, she’s giving up gossip, people pleasing, and perfectionism. That’s a nice way to think about change in the new year.

What gets in the way of your happiness? Can you have less of it in 2016?



2 thoughts on “You say goodbye, and I’ll say hello

  1. I LOVE that meme. 🙂 I’m not really saying “goodbye” to anything either in 2016. Except crocheting. And even then only for a week or two. And I’m so upset about it I’m having DREAMS OF CROCHETING.

    Anyway, I agree with you! It’s always easier for me to add something healthy to my diet instead of taking something away. For instance, if I know I’m probably eating too many bagels with cream cheese, then I will either 1) make/buy hummus to put on my bagels (NOM) or 2) make baked oatmeal and eat THAT most days instead of ALL BAGELS ALL THE TIME. It seems to help out a bit. Overall, I’m pretty happy with my life but there are a few things I’d like to do a bit better. So if anything, my goals and resolutions are designed to make my life more vibrant and robust than anything 🙂

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