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Decking the halls while riding your bike


Christmas advice for cyclists…

How to wrap presents while riding the rollers

For your average person, riding on the rollers is no easy feat. Neither is wrapping Christmas presents. But Sir Chris Hoy is not an average person.

The six-time Olympic gold medallist has pretty decent bike handling skills, but when challenged by an Evans Cycles customer to wrap a Christmas present while spinning on a roller the Scot had his work cut out.

Holiday party advice: How to talk to non-cyclists

Rule 5. Don’t tell them the truth about how much your bike cost

Few people ever own anything that works, fits, or looks as well as a truly well-built bike. And yet, when they find that your bike costs as much as their high-end computer or mid-range stereo, they will fake a heart attack, guaranteed.

The solution? Tell non-cyclists you paid $499.99 for your bike, no matter how much you really paid for it. This number has been scientifically formulated to sound like more than a non-cyclist would pay for a bike, without otherwise drawing attention to itself.”

How to pick to pick up a Christmas tree with your bike

Man carrying christmas tree under his arm while he rides a bike.

Organize a Christmas Day bike ride

Yes, it’s an odd day for a ride except, and here’s the great thing, you pretty much gets the roads to yourself. Also, this year, it’s going to be warm enough even here in Ontario.

If you’re in London, England you can join this ride.

Carol of the Spokes

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