Double digit foggy December bike ride

It feels a bit like the world is ending. Another December weekend, another double digit bike ride. With fog.

After, I joked on Facebook that my cross country skis and my snow shoes are gathering dust in my bedroom. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Unlike last weekend’s ride, this time I had enough to eat before I left. It was Dave’s idea, the Sunday afternoon bike ride, but I called in Jeff and David to join us. So we set out, a group of four, to ride south of London, then west, home through Byron, and back along the bike path.

It was a talky ride, mostly a heart rate zone 2 affair, for me. I raced up and down the few hills but otherwise took it easy.

If you follow me on Strava, you can see the map here. (The missing bit is the multi-use pathway. See why in this post, Why I’ve decided to turn off my Garmin on the pathway.)

It’s a nice 60 km route on country roads that I regularly ride on weekends in the off season and on weeknights during the summer months.

Afterwards we stopped for coffee and cake which we ate outside!

And then we cleaned our bikes. There’s nothing like a wet gritty road to muck up your bike.

And some of us hit the hot tub before decorating the Christmas tree. This is a very weird December.


Coffee and cake at the Black Walnut Bakery


Bike cleaning while the dog looks on nervously

3 thoughts on “Double digit foggy December bike ride

  1. I know what you mean about the world ending (maybe it’s because we’ve both recently read The Age of Miracles). It’s ominous. I’m going to blog about my early morning run today (for tomorrow’s post). But while it’s happening (if you don’t think at all about climate change or whether we’ve seen our last white Christmas and hadn’t realized it), it feels like a treat.

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