It’s the little things: Running in from the car and between meetings

In It’s the little things: Dumbells and our one bathroom family I talked about my habit of lifting while waiting for teenagers to clear out of the bathroom in the morning. Helps kill the time and reduces my frustration.

The other “little thing” I’ve been doing these days is running around campus, in from the parking lot, between classes, and on my to meetings. I do in part to keep warm. But also I’m sometimes late. Walking seems very slow to me and I also, once it’s below freezing, I struggle to keep my hands warm.  See Cold Hands and Female Athletes for why. Running helps.

I’ve also been literally running the errands in our neighbourhood–the grocery store, the library, the dry cleaner, and so on.

Now that I’m running regularly it seems easy and I like running just as a way of getting around. It’s warmer and faster!