And darkness falls…

I read today that in New York the next sunset after 5 pm will be January 22nd.

Here sunset was 5:14 pm thus pretty much guaranteeing that I’ll be riding home in the dark from here on in.

Today was my first day working regular hours, commuting home in the dark. I have a bright bright rechargeable headlight for my bike, a red rear flasher, and reflective stuff all over.

It helped that it was a gorgeous day, sunny and warm. 14 Celsius in November? I’ll take it. Brilliant sun and bright autumn colours.

Here’s some shots from campus today.




My morning ride was wonderfully bright and sunny, before 8 am, but it wasn’t without its risks. There was a shimmer of ice over the piles of wet leaves on the bike path. I shimmied over the bridge but didn’t slip or fall. Victory.

6 thoughts on “And darkness falls…

  1. Sunset in Boston today is 4:36pm, but in Adelaide is 7:46pm. Missing November (except for 3 days in Toronto and 2 in Boston) does feel like cheating somehow. It will be strange to jump straight from summer into winter– will definitely blog about it. Did you blog about the jump when you returned?

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