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University + Sport = Excellence in Women (Guest Post)

by Marie Helene Laforest


In my experience at McGill University 3 things happened:

1- Women usually go to school for a good academic programme that will lead to a good job. And then they look at what sport they might play.

2- The lack of funding in women’s sports and the lack of professional jobs in women’s sports means that there are strong incentives to spend all one’s time in the classroom rather than training for any kind of sports.

3- Girls and guys have to fight the same battle. At McGill the men’s volleyball team was cut because there was a lack of funding, performance and general interest. Same battle, different circumstances.

What everyone needs to do, regardless of gender, is to stop whining and start acting. Period.

This is why after 4 years of whining I decided that it didn’t work and I should start acting.

Here is my solution: An award that will honour the social justice fights of my grand parents (both McGill alumni) and will help my rugby team.

Please donate. Merci beaucoup!!!

Marie-Helene Laforest received her BEd from McGill University, is now a PE Teacher, and played rugby for SABRFC and McGill.