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Happy #bodyhairday!

June 8th is First Annual #BodyHairDay To Be Held On June 8 — So Let’s All Show Off Our Body Hair With Utmost Pride.

If you’re a woman who has ever had hairy legs or not shaved your underarms for a month, you know how much stigma exists around women who have body hair. This intense pressure to look like a hairless chihuahua is real and for many of us, it keeps us shaving in the shower daily or taking monthly trips to salons for excruciating waxing sessions.

So I decided to talk back to this stigma once and for all by creating the first annual #BodyHairDay, which is going to be a celebration of body hair for all of those who are marginalized or shamed for having something so natural. This event is meant to be gender inclusive, since many folks within the LGBTQ community have also faced these pressures but aren’t cisgender women. If you feel called to participate, please do!

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