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Sam’s plans: Running into the summer months


You know, if you’re a regular reader, that running and I have a love/hate relationship. You can read the gory details here: Six things I love about running and six things I wish I could change.

I still don’t have the bee’s knees and I’m not playing soccer anymore but I am running again.

Why? The short answer is that I want to compete in some duathlons and they have some pesky running before and after the cycling. I also like running. And it’s very portable exercise for when I have work travel. My bikes isn’t as easy to squish in my carry on as my running shoes are.

(So that’s not my coach, Coach Chris, being referred to in the picture above. No one is making me run. A return to running is a goal I’ve set for myself. I just like the cute sad cat and some mornings I do feel that way about getting out the door.)

For the first time ever I’m tracking my runs with a Garmin, recording speed, distance, heart rate etc.

It’s this guy here:

Forerunner® 15

And it helpfully counts steps when it’s not recording my runs.

My knee feels okay though I have an appointment with a knee surgeon on May 25th. I’m thinking of that visit as a chance to find out my future options.  Meanwhile I’m thinking of registering for my first 5 km since 2012. You can read about that one here.

This one won’t be anything serious. I’m thinking of either the July 17th SUMMER NIGHT 5KM RUN & KIDDIE TROT, Friday, leaving from The Barking Frog, Supporting The Bereaved Families of Ontario – SW Region or the Sunday morning, July 19th, ice cream run which is part of the Western Fair’s Run the District Series. One is for a cause I support, on the one hand, but it leaves from a bar and it’s in the evening. The second is in the morning, when I prefer to run, and it features ice cream.

What are my running goals? Well, I’m running 5 km slowly right now. I’d like to get faster by mid July. Mid-July is the Kincardine Duathlon. It’s super short, Run 3 km, Bike 12 Km, Run 3 Km. By mid August, I’d like to run a bit longer. If I do the Bracebridge Sprint duathlon, it’s 5 km run, bike 20 km, and then run 2.5 km. And if all is going well with my running by then I’ll register for a 10 km in the fall and run it with Tracy.

Fingers crossed.

Wish me luck!

7 thoughts on “Sam’s plans: Running into the summer months

  1. Sorry, but I don’t understand all these running plans when you’re meeting with a knee surgeon in 10 days. I’m pretty sure that the only option you’ll get from them is “don’t run”, or at least, “don’t run so much.” But this is coming from someone who huffs and puffs her way through 3 km and doesn’t understand why anyone would want to run more than 5k 😉

    1. Oh, and I might try swimming again during the winter. Any beginners groups to recommend?

  2. My doctor and physiotherapist say running is just fine as long as there’s no pain. I’ve quit soccer, too much sideways movement and stopping and starting. The issue is cartilage, or lack thereof, and lots of people run with cartilage issues. And I like running!

  3. The Y might be your best bet for beginner’s swimming. Look at the pool at Western as well, they might have something. I’m just thinking that ramping up running before surgery might not be advisable, but it sounds like your doc is ok with it. Good luck!

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