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Sam’s summertime plans!

I have two posts currently in the drafts folder of our blog. One is called “why I can’t make plans this summer” and the other is called, obviously, “summer plans.” (This post is a combination of the two.)

What’s in the way of plans?

First, my own health. I’ve got surgery sometime this spring, not yet scheduled. Nothing too serious but it’ll require a few weeks off outdoor training.

Second, a close family member is seriously ill and I don’t want to be too far from home. I’ve cancelled lots of work travel and can’t hold dates for recreational athletic pursuits.

Third, I’ve got an appointment with a knee surgeon on May 11th to see what my options are and what my athletic future will and won’t hold. My bad knee news is here. I’ve already said good-bye to soccer and I really hope that’s all that’s on the chopping block.


So I’ve got stuff scheduled in but I’m not registering or making commitments until the last minute. It’s another year of tough choices. But if all goes well, here’s a list of the things I’d like to do. I worry that I’m “half-assing” it. But this isn’t a “full ass” summer. Bigger things matter besides running and biking much as I love riding my bike.

June 28th-July 2nd:  Biking on Manitoulin. A planned holiday with family and friends, flat roads, no cars, beautiful countryside. A chance to relax with my bike and log some kms. Friends Nat and David, Rob and Sumaya, are joining Jeff and me this time.

July 5th: MEC century, We’ll be riding either the 100 km or the 160 km route. Not sure yet who the “we” involves. Likely Nat and her partner, Kim, David, and me.

July 11th: Kincardine Women’s Triathalon Fun, fun, fun. It’ll be me, Tracy, my cousin Tara, my sister in law and guest blogger Susan, my daughter Mallory and our regular weekend blogger Nat. Am I missing anyone? Tara, Susan and I are doing the duathlon. It’s super short, run 3 km, bike 15 km, run 3 km. I’ve done it lots before, in the hot hot sun and in the pouring rain.

Here is me, in the rain, at the 2007 race:


July 26th-August 2nd Friends For Life Bike Rally I’m riding 600 km again! This time with guest blogger Susan.

August 8-9: Bracebridge Duathlon If Mallory is able to join me, I’d like to do a duathlon this summer. We wanted to do the Chatham Kent one and camp in Rondeau Park again. It was fun last year and we both got medals. But it’s cancelled and so if schedules permit we might try Bracebridge instead.


August 15, Three Ports Tour

  • Every August, cycle 1 of 3 routes through several villages, with supported stops offering food and drinks with lunch provided at midpoint in Port Bruce.
    You’ll ride through:
    Aylmer’s friendly mainstreet
    Pastoral Amish Settlement
    Otter Valley’s Challenging downs and ups
    Port Burwell’s Heritage Lighthouse
    The Lakeshore’s Negative Tailwind
    Port Bruce’s Quiet Charm
    Historic Sparta
    Bustling Port Stanley
    Southern Ontario’s rich farmland
    Numerous Climbs
    All proceeds go to Forest City Veledrome and the Environmental Leadership Program at East Elgin Secondary School.
    Quiet, challenging, scenic – a route by cyclists for cyclists.

Either the 100 km or the 160 km and I’m not sure yet who is coming with me.

August 21-22, Canoeing and camping in Algonquin with guest blogger Susan and family. She blogged about canoeing here.

September 13th: Halton Epic Tour. I did it last year with Kim and Dave and wrote about our adventures here. Last year David was recovering from an injury and so we opted for the 80 km distance only to find out later that the 90 km version had all the hills of the 140 km.

I’d also like to do an end of season duathlon if running is still in the cards for me.

So wish me luck, in the events I get to do, and in all the life circumstances that make planning difficult. And sponsor me in the bike rally if you can.




5 thoughts on “Sam’s summertime plans!

  1. I’ll wish you easier times instead of luck, and wish for you much support and love provided in abundance, in the course of all the choices you have to make. What you can get to will be fun and wonderful because you will be there!

  2. Wow– sounds busy and fun. I wish for you much fun, as much health and recuperation as possible (for you and family member), flexibility, and a sense of humor and perspective on any curve balls thrown into your schedule…

  3. Best wishes for your family member, your knee, and your summer.

    The issue of what counts as half-assing, or whether there’s anything wrong with half-assing is an interesting one. For me, it isn’t just a guilt issue but also a fun issue. I find full-assing it to be an important component of the fun. What’s worked for me when injured or time-constrained is find ways/activities that still count as full-assing for me.

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