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Bike parking: A “good problem” that we don’t have

About a half dozen different people sent me a link to this story about Japan’s system of underground bicycle parking.

And then there’s Amsterdam where bike parking is also at a premium.

See Amsterdam Has Officially Run Out of Spaces to Park Its Bicycles.

The cycling mecca of the Netherlands plans to build a partially underwater bike parking facility to deal with its crush of two-wheeled commuters.

Here’s some of my photos from a trip to Amsterdam a few years ago. I loved all the colourfully decorated bicycles. The usual explanation of the flowers and bright paint was the necessity of being able to pick your bike out of the hundreds parked in any particular place.


Me and my rental bike





And then there’s my university campus, Western University. Lots of spots at the bike racks here.


3 thoughts on “Bike parking: A “good problem” that we don’t have

  1. Or we have the perpetual problem that sometimes even grocery stores/shopping malls by a bike route, don’t have a bike rack at all, here in North America.

    Admittedly when we were in Germany and Copenhagen, seeing some of the nightmarishly, full bike cages was nearly abit much. One would seriously worry about remembering where one’s bike was locked up.

    Amsterdam does have a real problem of bike thefts.

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