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Zwift sounds great but do I have to be a super mom?



What’s Zwift?

Bicycling Magazine, writes “Zwift Launches Virtual Indoor Training Game”:

It’s officially October, which means the countdown to winter has begun. For many riders, the days of group rides and town sign sprints are limited.

However, there is a shred of light on the horizon. A start-up called Zwift has launched an online multiplayer cycling video game platform that creates virtual 3D courses for cyclists.

With Zwift, riders from all over the world can participate in races, fondos, and charity events with—or against—other riders from the comfort of their own basements. The program will display the course on your laptop or tablet and allow you to track your progress, as well as keep tabs on others on the same course.

The program will sync with your Strava profile to upload your ride information and share with friends.

I love the idea of Zwift. I find the trainer deadly dull on my own. We’ve got long winters. I’m pretty competitive by nature, if not ability. Online multiplayer gaming plus bikes! What’s not to like?

One quibble. There’s not much room in the world of cycling for women. Zwift could do better in its promotional material with its imagery of women than “super mom” in the video above. Some women don’t have kids. Even some of us who do don’t identify as “super mom.” And hey, some women are even professional cyclists!

Advertising aside, I think this is exciting. Fun times ahead. Looking forward to trying out Zwift.