Why do you ride?

Why I ride-

I ride because I was born an athlete and will always be an athlete.

I ride because the desire to push my body is hardwired in.

Because I am addicted to the endorphins and adrenaline.

I ride because no matter where in the world I go I will always have a family and a community that I feel a part of.

I ride because it takes me new places.

I ride because it challenges me to ride further, faster, smoother, safer, smarter.

I fear failure, and to some degree success. It allows me to explore and test my fears.

I ride because of the bonds I have built with teammates and friends. We share pain, success, failure, disappointment, laughter and life.

I ride because the second my legs start turning circles I become a happier person.

I ride because I love to be outside. To feel the wind on my face and listen to the birds and bugs.

I ride because it allows me to take out my aggression and anger.

I ride because it stabilizes my life and creates balance.

I ride because going downhill at 40mph is fun.

I ride because I get to eat more pastry and crave more salad.

I ride because I can’t cry and pedal and the same time.

I ride because it makes my mind and body strong.

I ride because I can; because it is a constant reminder of the value of health.

I ride because it allows me to play with the boys.

I ride because no matter how bad my day, pedaling puts my mind at easy and a smile on my face.

I ride because I can go alone.

Because even though I have ridden the route a 1000 times, I never know what is around the next bend.

– Emily Kachorek


             From Cycling Illustrated

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