Orange is the new bike


My new challenge is riding my bike on the trainer. Believe it or not, it’s something I’ve never done before. I’ve ridden rollers. I’ve ridden my track bike at the velodrome. I’ve ridden in the cold and the snow. But using a trainer to get winter kms in is new to me. And it’s official. Winter is here.

I’m good doing hard intervals on the trainer, it turns out. That requires concentration and effort. But the warm up and cool down and bits in between are well, boring. I’m in my house and there’s laundry to do, and dinners to make, and It’s just a bit too easy to stop.

“Mom, can you drive me to the Y?”

“Can you help me look for my climbing shoes?”

“Someone needs to pick up milk and dog food.”

You get the idea. There’s a reason I don’t work at home generally, though lots of professors do.

In the group class I’m doing Tuesday, it’s fun. There’s conversation. There’s a coach reminding me to to pedal. And we’re all in together.

But at home? More will power required.

I’ve started watching Netflix on the trainer. And I laughed when the next episode started automatically. When I’m watching with my partner on weeknights that’s our cue to exercise self restraint and remind ourselves that we need to be out and early. Sleep is valuable and it’s a bit too easy to binge watch.

But what to watch?

I needed an orphan show, something that I’m not watching with anyone else in the family.

Right I’m watching The Hundred with a teenage son. Jeff, my spouse, and I are watching The Bletchley Circle. We’re eagerly awaiting more House of Cards. I watched Once with my daughter but now we’re out of episodes so we’re back to rewatching old episodes of Dr Who.

I’ve settled on Orange is the New Black. Lots of my friends like it and I haven’t seen it before. I also want to finish Stargate and I think there might be a season of Red Dwarf I haven’t watched yet.

Recommendations welcome.

My favourite shows? Buffy, Angel, Veronica Mars, Star Trek, Dr Who, Firefly, Eureka, Torchwood….

I can’t watch very much violence and some really great shows just depress me. The Wire and Mad Men both fall into that category. Truth be told, House of Cards, is on the edge for me but it’s so good I’m sticking with it.


16 thoughts on “Orange is the new bike

  1. Borgen – Danish politics. Not much offence…great character development.
    Life on Mars – English crime series set in 1970’s (some time travel, great fashion!).
    Happy cycling!

  2. Second Life on Mars — the UK version. Scott and Bailey and Happy Valley, both UK crime dramas with strong female leads, are excellent. Just watching the Bridge on Netflix, but it is subtitled, which may or may not work for you whilst cycling.

    1. Subtitling works well. It means I don’t have to crank the volume. Family members will approve.

  3. Hi! I would recommend Warehouse 13 if you like Eureka. For something completely different though, I’ve heard Mad Men is good and has a lot of seasons? I love all the same shows as you, but perhaps my mind opens in a different way to yours? Boardwalk Empire is pretty interesting but a bit on the violent side at times, plus lots of swearing.

    1. Yeah, Mad Men i found too depressing. Loved the clothes and some of the characters but ultimately couldn’t take it.

    2. Warehouse 13 is a great idea. I watched one episode and liked it…should get back to it.

  4. I lean to documentaries when riding. Currently I’m working my way through Anthony Bordaines A Cook’s Tour

  5. I also search out “orphan” shows for when I run on the treadmill. I watched Downton Abbey and now I’ve just started watching The Good Wife. Have you seen Battlestar Galactica? It fits with your favourites. 🙂

  6. Also, a question about trainers… I bought a road bike recently and have been toying lightly with the idea of a trainer. But I live in a condo and I’ve heard they’re noisy. Do you think it would be possible to use one in a condo environment?

    1. They are loud though it varies between kinds. Tracy’s new condo doesn’t allow them…you can take your bike and trainer to places that have trainer classes, like Mountain Equipment Co-op…

      1. Hmm, I would be less inclined to do that, I think, because most of the appeal would be not having to leave the house! Oh well. I’ll just have to get on the bike as early as I can in the spring!

      2. I haven’t tested it yet. I will be trying it this week and see if it is too loud and results in a complaint. I’m hoping I can work something out for once a week anyway.

  7. I second the suggestion for Battlestar Galactica! Judging by your favorites, I’m surprised if you haven’t seen it yet!

    1. I watched the original but haven’t rewatched the series. It’s one i thought i could talk a family member into watching with me.

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