Bike Love, Kisses, and Hugs


I met lots of lovely cycling couples at the Friends for Life Bike Rally. I met lots of lovely singles too and people there without their partners. But there’s something I find especially heart warming about the combination of young love and bicycles.

Discussions about dating among cyclists tend to revolve around a few questions, like how meet a fellow cyclist, how to persuade non cycling partners to ride, and how to negotiate riding time with a reluctant non cycling spouse.

A related topic is how to persuade your non cycling partner that you need a new bike.

I love the Fat Cyclist’s advice on this topic.

If you’re single, best to avoid all that and just meet another cyclist. But how?

Lots of cities have speed dating events for cyclists to meet other cyclists. Here’s one from London, England. This looks pretty hetero but not all have that flavour.

Here’s one for men into dating men

London cyclists are sexy, fact. But what happens when you see a gorgeous fellow cyclist at the traffic light just when the turns green again? Solo cycling is magic, but cycling together is even better! 

During the event you will get to meet 15+ other cyclists during short dates. There will be a break and enough time afterwards to ‘mingle’. After the event we will send you an email with your matches. 

There’s a website too for cycling singles.

Need to persuade someone who’s unfamiliar with our kind? Here’s 15 Reasons to Date a Cyclist.

And more specifically, Things no one tells you before you date a male cyclist.

Suppose you decide to date a non cyclist and get them into riding later, here’s tips on riding with your sweetheart.

From Cascade Bicycle Club

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  1. Well, it’s true hopefully that a long time cyclist (doesn’t matter what type of cyclist), there’s a stronger chance they will live longer or at least suffer less chronic diseases, cardiovascular problems at a younger age.

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