Bike Rally landmarks

I did it! Thanks to the generosity of the blog’s readers, Facebook community, friends, colleagues, and family I successfully raised, indeed overshot, the Friends for Life Bike Rally minimum fundraising goal of $2500. I donated $280 myself and we’re well on the way to $3000 for an excellent cause.You should still attend our fundraiser though. The midnight screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show is not to be missed. And it will help the younger team members—who probably don’t have blogs and/or employed friends–to reach their fundraising goals.

Next up is the double metric century benchmark. Before July 7 we need to each ride 100 km, two days,back to back. I’ll be doing that on my cycling holiday with my partner. We’re riding around Manitoulin Island from B & B to B &B. He doesn’t know about the double century bit. I’ll spring it on him when we’re there. Nothing says romantic holiday quite like mileage commitments on the bike. (Joke. We do lots of riding together!)

After that I’ve got my 200 km Randonneur ride with Dave and David. It’s in Halton. It’s hilly and I think it will be a long day. (Though nothing like the kind of distances Dave usually does.)

Then a week of rest and gentle riding and the Bike Rally begins. I’ll be sure to post lots of pictures along the way, especially on Red Dress day. I have my red dress picked out, which I’ll wear with bike shorts underneath of course.

Once back from the rally, it’s my plan to switch from training for distance to training for speed as I get ready for the Halton Gran Fondo. Whee!