Get on your bike and ride!


Here’s two pretty much unrelated links and news about cycling. They’re things I wanted to share but none makes a whole post on its own.

1. The Rise of the Female Cyclist

“The wheels of change are finally turning in what should be a breakthrough year in cycling. In May, Vos will lead the world’s best riders in the inaugural Women’s Tour of Britain. More symbolically, after a campaign led by Vos and Emma Pooley, the British Olympian and former world champion, women will no longer be reduced to podium decoration at the Tour de France: they’ll be lining up along a start line, too.

“Fifty years ago, they said that women couldn’t run long distances,” says 31-year-old Pooley. “Kathrine Switzer jumped into the Boston Marathon [in 1967] to prove them wrong. Today, people still say women can’t ride the Tour de France, but there’s no question that it’s doable. And if they can [have equality] at Wimbledon and in marathons, why not at the most high-profile race there is?”

The women’s race, called La Course by Le Tour de France, will be staged in Paris on the morning of the last stage of the men’s event, crossing the same finish line on the Champs-Élysées. It is a pedal stroke in the right direction that follows earlier, failed attempts to stage a women’s race that could be the Tour’s equal. And it arrives at a time of progress in every area of cycling. From the velodrome and country lanes on a Sunday morning to the daily commute and school run, women are fast closing the gap in a male-dominated world. And they do so in defiance of the greater risk they face, particularly in our cities, and an establishment that has until now neglected them.

To the surprise of many in the industry, a chain of inspiration has been shown to link the exploits of British women leading the world on road and track not only to recreational riders and racers, but everyday women cyclists for whom Lycra and gritted teeth are anathema.”

Now go read the rest!

2. If you’re a female cyclist and a fan of the girly, here’s a ride series for you! The Beach Babe, Senorita Century, and Princess Promenade: “The Beach Babe Classic is part of the CaliforniaGirl™ Series of rides which also include the Senorita Century and Princess Promenade. The Series was created for women to enjoy all kinds of cycling without pressure.  Participants who complete all three rides are eligible for the Ladies Triple Crown™ medal awarded at the series finale, the Princess Promenade in Sacramento, CA.” In the past I’ve worried about girly bike events. See Do Cupcake Rides and Heels on Wheels help or hurt the cause of women’s cycling but hey, it’s spring, if it’s your thing, go for it. Let many different kinds of flowers bloom etc, etc.



4 thoughts on “Get on your bike and ride!

  1. Hey this is just a format comment – some of the type has shifted to the right out of the bar. Also, (not a format comment) I saw that Tour of Britain article too and also couldn’t figure out how to put it in my blog! It’s so good though, that I might just list it like you did (if you don’t mind).
    -the detournement lady

    1. Weird, tried to fix it and couldn’t. I’ve taken that content out and made it a separate post. Will fiddle more later. Thanks!

  2. I share your complicated feelings with regards to women-only rides/events that are super-girly but I have to say, the Beach Babe ride looks like something I’d love to do, if only because I love that surfer-girl beach aesthetic. But also I think I would feel a lot more comfortable going for a group ride with either all or mostly women, mainly because it seems like the male cyclists I’ve encountered have a touch of the aggressiveness going on, which is totally cool if you are a skilled and experienced rider, but I am neither of those things. I feel like that would be less likely to happen with a group of women.

    1. Right. I like women only rides and I like racing with women. My beef is with mandatory girliness, if that makes sense. Yes, women’s racing events. No, to pink cupcake rides!

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